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EFS Quality Initiatives


Presently, no meaningful assessment system exists in either LCPS or government schools to measure, analyze and report the learning levels of students of early grades.In order to achieve its objective for providing better learning opportunities to children and equipping the teachers with better teaching skills and tools, EFS has developed an Early Grade Assessment & Reporting System.The long-term vision of EFS is that the assessment system would be embedded in its partner schools enabling the fully trained teachers to use the assessment system for gauging the progress of children in terms of their literacy and numeracy skills.

The Early Grade Assessment System enable its partner schools to identify training needs, gaps in governance and infrastructure and helps in developing a full scale ‘Whole School Improvement Plan’ for improving the performance of school through a measured manner in all aspects of quality that result in higher retention, better teaching environment and effective learning. An innovative ‘School Report Card – SRC’ for individual partner school has been designed apprising about the performance of respective school in quality of learning, community engagement, governance and infrastructure under the Whole School Improvement Plan.

Simultaneously, the Head Teachers/Principals of Schools are helped in ‘The Leadership Forums’ to develop an action plan for enhancing governance of school to increase retention of teachers and students in classes for better learning opportunities. It provides a robust mechanism to gauge the performance of school on periodic basis for any school operator, either private or public.

EFS has trained more than 2,000 private and public schools’ teachers in the use of assessment tools to improve their capacity of teaching. It has assessed more than 45,000 students for early grade assessment to-date and more than 350 schools of Karachi and other areas were assessed for Whole School Improvement Plan.


Framework for Quality Initiatives

Framework for Quality Initiatives


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Sindh Education Foundation

EFS has recently completed an Early Grades Assessment as a pilot project for selected 60 schools of Sindh Education Foundation in Karachi. The TNA was carried out with more than 2,300 students in two strands of SEF i.e. 25 schools under…
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