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Education Voucher Scheme


Taleem Aam

The Education Voucher Scheme wasthe flagship programme with the title ‘Taleem Aam’ of that project through which it supported out of school children for their primary education in Low Cost Private Schools (LCPS).

Under this strand, EFS identified OOSC from less privileged households in urban and peri-urban areas and enrolled them in ‘EFS qualified’ partner schools so that children were educated safely and effectively. Schools were reimbursed a monthly voucher for each child to cover the child’s monthly tuition fee as well as an annual subsidy for books and uniform.

In Karachi, 108 union councils while in northern Sindh, complete districts were surveyed for out-of-school children.More than 600 low cost private schools were partnered to enroll more than 147,000 out-of-school children over the course of four year of the project.


Government of Sindh
Sindh Education Foundation

EFS has recently completed an Early Grades Assessment as a pilot project for selected 60 schools of Sindh Education Foundation in Karachi. The TNA was carried out with more than 2,300 students in two strands of SEF i.e. 25 schools under…
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