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Past Projects

EFS commenced its field operations in June 2013 and its first project was initiated under a four years’ grant agreement with Department for International Development (DFID), UK in Karachi and two rural districts of northern Sindh i.e. Khairpur and Qambhar Shahdadkot.The total funding value of this four year project was £20 Million (PKR 3.10 Billion) and concluded in March 2016 after supporting more than 200,000 out- of-school children (OOSC).

It was an innovative andpotentially high reward programmein a challenging working environment which provided the opportunity for out-of-school children to receive quality education, the majority of whom have never been to school before.The focus was on creating access to low cost private schooling (LCPS) for OOSC, addressing challenges of quality teaching, poor management and basic infrastructure facilities in the partner schools.

It also started Quality Initiatives for LCPS as it was equally critical to support and provide incentives for improving learning outcomes through various strategic supports in assessment, pedagogical training, developing school management skills and thereby monitoring for improvement in the overall quality of those schools.

EFS designed different programme in this project to help address this ‘education emergency’ in Karachi, and Sindh as a whole and worked through three delivery strands:


Government of Sindh
Sindh Education Foundation

EFS has recently completed an Early Grades Assessment as a pilot project for selected 60 schools of Sindh Education Foundation in Karachi. The TNA was carried out with more than 2,300 students in two strands of SEF i.e. 25 schools under…
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